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Yes the webmaster is still alive and kicking. Just had other 'projects' on the go. They are being scaled down soon so I'll be back on the streets of Liverpool and updating this website a little more often. [Added 3rd December 2010].

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All very nice to be asked if I want a link back to your business, but sorry I am just not interested. Nothing personal you understand. Although if you offered me a big bag of jelly babies or sugar mice I might think about it. [Added on 3rd December 2010].

AFC Liverpool is a football club owned and run by...

AFC Liverpool

...Liverpool fans where everyone can buy into it and get an equal vote. A genuine grassroots, not for profit football club.

It is aimed especially at those Liverpool fans priced out of Premier League football. Same colours, same songs, same community of Reds.

For further reading - AFC Liverpool and 2008-2009 season pictures. New 2009-2010 season photos.

Liverpool Views recommends.....

Looking for a night out on Liverpool? Check Skiddle.com's Liverpool Events guide, with the latest club nights, gig dates, discount tickets and the latest event news! Skiddle.com Liverpool events.

An impossible task?

A Pictorial Record of Every Street in Liverpool - is this an impossible task? Please visit Liverpool streets for further details. To view the latest pictures or to upload your own then please visit Liverpool streets gallery.

Andrew Jones - killed for saying sorry.

Andrew Jones - killed for saying sorry

On 9th March 2003, at about 4 am in the morning, Andrew Jones' parents were woken by a police man, telling them that their 18 year old son was in a critical condition in the Royal Liverpool hospital. He had been attacked in the Liverpool city centre (Hanover Street) while he was out celebrating his cousins 30th birthday. He died the following day with serious head injuries. Only one of the people responsible was taken into court, where he walked out through 'lack of evidence', the others have not yet been charged.

For further reading - Justice for Andrew Jones.

Free Michael Shields.

Free Michael Shields

On 30th May 2005, Michael Shields, aged 18, from Wavertree in Liverpool was arrested in Bulgaria for an attack on a local barman. A crime he did not commit.

On 26th July 2005, Michael was found guilty of attempted murder and sentenced to 15 years in prison, despite a confession from the actual man responsible.

For further reading - Free Michael Shields.

A Mayor for Liverpool?

A Mayor for Liverpool?

Liverpool is one of the world's great cities and the people of Liverpool are its greatest asset. But they are denied the chance to have a direct say in who leads their city. Amayorforliverpool.org demands the right to choose an Elected Mayor for Liverpool.

Only an Elected Mayor - directly answerable to the people through the ballot box - can offer Liverpool the leadership and vision it needs.

Only an Elected Mayor can reach out to the large numbers of Liverpudlians who are switched off by local politics, and don't vote in local elections.

For further reading - A Mayor for Liverpool?.

Keep the Bar Lightship 'Planet' in Liverpool!

Can you help with the last-ditch campaign to try to keep the Bar Lightship 'Planet' in its home port of Liverpool?

For further details - Mersey Lightvessel Preservation Society.

Liverpool Stories.

A video broadcasting web site dedicated to creating a wide range of content, created by people living and working in Liverpool and Merseyside. Collectively, these stories aim to give a wider picture of life beyond the usual stereotypes and The Beatles.

For further viewing - Liverpool Stories.

Finally the bits and pieces.

A short statement concerning Joe Ferguson and Radio City.

Was the Kirkby Times website closed because it spoke the truth?

Do you require information about joining the Merchant Navy?

Introducing the King's Regiment web page on Liverpool Views.

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December 25th
Walk around the City

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Swans and the Brocklebank

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